Learning Salesforce

One of the perks of my job is that I’m the go-to-gal for questions on the innards of Salesforce.  I get asked about validation rules, Chatter, and, my personal favorite, “what the heck is a record type and why should I care?”

Often, co-workers want to learn more on their own.  Sure, I can point them to the Help & Training link, but they want “inside” information.  They want the low down from the folks “in the know”.  I send them the following list:

  • The Salesforce Channel is an amazing resource.  It includes videos of Dreamforce, AppExchange apps, and, best of all, you can contribute your own!  The whole thing is organized by Jeff Grosse (of CRMFYI fame).
  • The blogosphere it always a great resource for learning new things.  I highly recommend all of the blogs in my blogroll.  Let me know if I’m missing any gems.
  • If you’re on Twitter (and you should be), you can use lists to collect tweets around a theme.  Mike Gerholdt has done just that.  Here’s his twitter list of Salesforce folks.
  • Then, of course, there’s the Learning Center.  This is official Salesforce stuff, but presented in a friendly way for those just poking around.

To quote a co-worker: “Salesforce is a never ending rabbit hole of coolness.” There’s always something to learn!


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