Documenting Custom Apps with ScreenSteps

As an administrator I spend a lot of time teaching. Teaching users how to retrieve a lost password. Teaching managers how to build custom views. Teaching the CEO that not all reports need to be on a dashboard.

While I love teaching my users one-on-one, this often isn’t practical. For example, when I roll out a new app, I can’t be in everyone’s cube walking them through it.

As I’ve mentioned before, we recently rolled out several apps. I was NOT looking forward to creating the training materials. Frankly I was dreading it. I envisioned struggles with versioning the docs, making sure my screen-shots were readable (but not too big) and general fear over the sheer volume of stuff I needed to convey!

Upon the recommendation of one of my Twitter friends (sorry folks, I can’t remember which!), I spent some time investigating ScreenSteps. Well, I’m in love!

ScreenSteps is an amazing documentation creation tool. Aside from the super intuitive UI, you can logically group your lessons into manuals and, depending on your version, put those lessons on their servers. Now, here’s the best part. Once your lessons in the cloud, you can make them available in a web tab in Salesforce!  Swoon!

It took me much less time than I was expecting to create the documentation for my app.  Once it was done, I ran it by my colleagues who (of course) had edits.  Making changes to the documentation proved to be equally easy!  All I had to do was edit the local version and push it to the cloud.  Instant updates!  I am one happy Admin!

Thanks ScreenSteps for making this Administrator’s life MUCH easier!


2 Responses to Documenting Custom Apps with ScreenSteps

  1. Kristin says:

    I second this — we recently started using ScreenSteps for our Salesforce users too. It’s a vast improvement over our previous documentation all around.

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