Packing list for Dreamforce ’10

Dreamforce ’10 is rapidly approaching.  This is my first pass at a packing list:

  • Power strip – I made a lot of friends at Dreamforce ’09 by bringing a powerstrip.  I kept it in my backpack and whenever I landed in a session I whipped it out.  Instant popularity!
  • Business cards – Bring lots!  You will meet lots of great people.  All of whom will want to remember you later.  Help them remember by having a business card handy!  Be sure to have a place to put their business card too!
  • Old call phone chargers – You probably have a couple in your junk drawer at home.  Someone will need to charge their phone and you can be a hero by having a spare.
  • An empty bag – This is for all the stuff you’ll come away with.  Heck, ship it back to yourself if you can’t stomach the airlines’ bag fees.
  • Swag requests – Co-workers will LOVE you for finding their favorite desk toy (Blinking pens?  Chattering teeth?  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?)
  • A jacket – San Fran can be chilly and so can the session rooms.  Bring a jacket!
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • A sense of humor – The lines for the coffee can be long.  Sessions can be overcrowded.  The keynote is likely to be PACKED.  Be willing to laugh off the logistic gymnastics the Salesforce folks had to go through to get 20,000+ people together!
  • Walking shoes – Screw looking great, the Moscone Center is big and so is San Fran. Don’t get caught in uncomfortable shoes!  Your feet will thank you.

In a similar vein, here are some things to leave at home:

  • Personal space issues – You can’t put 20,000+ people in a building and not be crowded.  Can’t be done.  Be patient with each other!
  • Delusions of getting enough sleep – Last year there was at least one after-party each night.  You will be tired, but the people you’ll meet and the fun you have will make it all worth while.  Besides, you can sleep on the plane ride home!

What will you be bringing to Dreamforce ’10?  What did you bring last year that you should have left at home?


4 Responses to Packing list for Dreamforce ’10

  1. Geraldine Gray says:

    Your running kit; fabulous running in SF plus you will need it to clear your head after the night before. in 2009, Accenture organized a fun run which was actually quite fun and funny (I only hope they won’t blackball me from this year’s for turning down a truly fab job opportunity with them). Extra points if you run up Powell Street with a hangover but the view is worth it and it gives your roomie a chance in the shower first.

    Patience; the keynotes never, ever, ever start on time. Or even close to on time. Although most sessions do so those running shoes might come in handy again. And you’ll need patience while waiting on the poor catering staff who must make 8,000 lattes in a day (and yes it is free but be kind and give them $1 so bring change as well).

    Good manners; move your butt to the empty chair so that late-comers can sit without disturbing the speaker. Likewise, do not hold a table at lunch or a crowd of beanbags for your “invisible friends” – if they’re not with you they’re having a good time somewhere else and you should make a few new ones in their absence.

    Pre-completed FexEd shipping form; if you want any hope of taking your bag as a carry-on item you’ll need to ship that stuff home (and there is a FedEx 5mins walk from the Moscone Center).

    Party shoes and glitter; it’s not all geek-speak and glasses, ya’ know?

  2. Michael Barrow says:

    I love the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reference. One of my faves! 🙂

  3. Allison Rekus says:

    Great list! My first time attendee and these are good tips! My faves ….powerstrip …coffee lines, I might just a pre-make a coffee in the hotel room for the morning and tote it with me, so I at leat have my wake up fix. Also, pre-filled out Fedex form since I am a swag junky. Good manners…moving in, so later arrival do not disturb.

    Wondering the usual style of dress for the Gala though? party shoes and glitter I would assume.

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