Custom buttons to the rescue!

We have a process by which large customers are vetted to make sure they’re following all of our best practices.  We use Cases for this work.  A case is created automatically and our team works through a series of questions with the customer, making sure everyone is on the same page.  Once this is done, the case is closed.  And there, my friends, is where we run into trouble.

You see, Salesforce won’t let you set the Status on the Closed Case page to “Closed” by default.  This means that even if “Closed” is the only reasonable status for a Closed case, the agent still has to choose it from a picklist of 1.

Well, that’s just dumb!  Here’s the Idea you can promote to make this standard functionality.

The work around is to create a custom button to default the status for you.  Here’s the code:


All it does is default the status of the Case to “Closed”.  That’s it!  But it saves my agents (customers!) a two clicks per case.  With over 1100 cases per day, that’s a lot of clicks!


4 Responses to Custom buttons to the rescue!

  1. Simple buttons like this are a great way to increase and maintain Salesforce adoption. The easier it is for people do things the more likely they are to do it. I’ve noticed within the last year or so more people expect internet sites to ‘do things’ for them. These people can be advocates if the functionality works like they expect it to, and huge barriers to adoption if it doesn’t work the way they expected. Great tip!

  2. Brandy says:

    Yay for custom butons! Thanks, I need to go make this one for myself. Even with only a few cases a day, not having the status default to Closed is lame enough to just get on your nerves.

  3. axelgrillo says:

    That’s a good solution, but it opens up a new window instead of just changing the standard layout from the Open to the Close one. Is there a way to avoid this and stay in the same window with just changing the layout?

  4. John Brotherton says:

    This is super awesome! But it opens a “window within a window.” How can I update this to replicate the standard VF page for case closure?

    Is there also a way to set another field as well? We have “Reason” that want to set to Solved.

    Thanks so much!

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