SMS Notifications for Salesforce Outages

Admins have asked for a way to get notifications if/when there is a Salesforce outage (I can’t find the Idea right now.  If you happen to have the URL, please put it in the comments.)  Until now, I had to wait until a user encountered an error, go to and find NA7 in the loooong list.  This works ok for business hours (not ideal), but is horrible at 3am!  I want to be notified if my instance is either in outage or has a degradation.  At last I have a way! is a new online service that lets you set-up rules for automating your internet life.  Since Salesforce is a HUGE part of my internet life, I use ifttt to let me know if my instance (NA7) is in an outage or has a degradation.

Here’s my recipe: If outage then SMS me.

All I had to do was set-up my cell phone to accept SMS messages from ifttt and tell it which RSS feed to use.  It took all of 5 minutes.

When you sign-up for ifttt, you can use my recipe and/or create your own!  There’s lots of other non-Salesforce stuff you can do with ifttt, but this one is the one that’ll make my work-life easier!

UPDATE: With this weekend’s Winter ’12 upgrade, this recipe didn’t work! 😦  I’ve updated it to remove the “, degradation”.  I think the comma is what broke it.  We’ll know more next weekend as there is another outage on NA7!  Sorry for any confusion!


5 Responses to SMS Notifications for Salesforce Outages

  1. I’m sure Salesforce doesn’t want to get into the SMS business, but this would be a great feature to have native as a Salesforce Admin. Perhaps even configurable from our profile page. Thanks for posting this Amber, this will be a great help to anyone who has to manage Salesforce for their company.

    • Amber Neill says:

      I was sure there was an idea on the IdeaExchange for something very similar…but I searched and searched and couldn’t find it. Oh well. I’d love to post this “fix” in the idea if anyone finds it!

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  3. Ben says:

    Here’s the issue brought up on Ideas:

    Any feedback on whether this still works with the current release? (Winter ’13)?

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