MidWest Dreamin’ – A recap

MidWest Dreamin’ 2014 was a blast! The folks who organized (and I won’t try to name them all), did an amazing job! This regional user group pulled in over 400 (paid!) attendees! Amazing!

First, I want to mention the awesome sponsors of the event! Without these folks, this event would not have happened. When you get the chance, thank these folks for being a part of this amazing community!

SpringCM hosted a welcome party at their offices. Connections were made, friends caught up, and I may have tested out SpringCM’s awesome bean bag chairs. Thanks to the SpringCM folks for hosting us!

The event kicked off with a keynote from Peter Coffee entitled “No Services, No Silos”. As always, Peter’s talk provided food for thought. We live in connected customer world now folks. How will your organization address the needs of your customers? How will you compete?

After a short break, the sessions started. All told there were 20 sessions with a break for lunch. they covered everything from Admin tips and tricks, to Visual Flow, to change management. There was something for everyone. (Yes, I presented. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, I can’t wait to be invited back again next year!) The content for every session is available in the Success Community.

A quick note about lunch: Yummy!!

While the sessions were happening the Expo floor was open. There was quite a bit of traffic and the sponsors I spoke to were pleased with the interest. Lots of cool swag was given away and several folks took advantage of the “Ask an Expert” booth manned by community members.

The closing keynote, presented by Shawna Wolverton & Todd Enders, included a call to action for how YOU can participate in the Community:

Once the official events were over, the dinners, parties, and general merriment started. A good time was had by all!


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